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ACE Balancing and Value Optimisation

FishTech Limited offers an ACE Balancing Service which will optimise ACE distribution to retain industry value.

Please download the setup file for using this system by clicking here SetupACEBalancer.exe, save it to your desktop, then run it to install the program. Then use the program to enter your details and email them to us. Use the help file to tell you what to do. This version 1.76 October 2009.

There is some urgency now, as we need your details by Friday 9th Oct, so that we can send out contracts. Only people for whom we have a signed contract in our hands by Wednesday 14th Oct 2009 will be participating.

Benefits of using this service will be equally shared between participants.

You may view a blank contract from 2007 and please use the software above to send us you details so that we can print a personalised contract for you.

If interested - contact Ted Howard on 027 442 4281 or Ailsa Howard on 027 4363636

or email

The latest version is V1.76.