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Solution-Multipliers NZ Ltd.

Solution-Multipliers has been supplying information services to the New Zealand Fishing Industry and wider society since March 1986. Solution-Multipliers NZ Ltd. provides specialist consultancy to industry and governments on Quota Management Systems, and can be contacted through ted@fishnet.co.nz for further information.

Solution-Multipliers NZ Ltd also provides general consultancy, software development, and general MS Windows computer support locally in the Kaikoura area, and to anyone with teamviewer installed on their machine.

TeamViewer quick remote support, right click and download this Teamviewer11 Version then run it on your machine, call us with your ID number.   Simple and seamless remote support. $2 per minute casual rate, most problems take less than 20 minutes to sort out, and some take much longer. Casual users email us your contact details and a description of the problem first. Ted has been working with computers since 1973.

There is a known issue with Windows 7 and Server 2008 or later with xBase++ products. This patch fixes the issue. Right click and download this smb2-infocache.msi patch, then run it on your machine.


Quota Management Packages

Packages are available for both individuals and companies to assist in managing the Statutory and business reporting needs of the fishing industry.

Licensed Fish Receivers' Reporting Package


  • LFRR, MHR, and SeaFIC reports.
  • Import data direct from CEDRIC.
  • Various other Reports - HOK, ORH, STN, etc.
  • EDT for ACE trading and reporting.
  • Management reports on ACE usage and rights remaining.
  • Vessel and crew payment systems.
  • Debtor and Stock management.
  • Extensive reports on catch landings.

In use by most of the NZ fishing industry.

Base cost: $5,500

Monthly support and upgrade fee - starts from $154.

Monthly lease option with support and upgrade fee - starts from $229.

Download this Setup file by right clicking and selecting "Save as" - then run it to install.

Additional options for ACE budgeting; integrated debtors & stock system; Touch Screen scale interface; Auction system, or custom features.

Requirements: Any Windows operating system, 30MB Free Hard Disk capacity.

To order or inquire about LFR System click here.

Fisherman's Reporting Package


  • MHR reports.
  • Management reports on quota usage and rights remaining.
  • ACE Trading.
  • Extensive reports on catch landings.
Base cost: $990

Monthly support and upgrade fee - starts from $22.

Lease option with support and upgrade fee - from $39 per month.

Requirements: Any Windows operating system, 30MB Free Hard Disk capacity.

To order or inquire about Fisher's System click here.

Major Project

Solution-Multipliers sponsored project Vision 2020. A sustainable vision for human development and evolution. It was not taken up. We are now (2023) in the depths of a Poly-crisis.

See my personal web page for more background about me.

Solution-Multipliers NZ Ltd. plays a role as specialist consultants to Industries and Governments on Quota Management Systems, and can be contacted regarding fisheries policy for further information.

Ted Howard has a BSc in Zoology (marine ecology & biochemistry), 16 years holding a fishing permit, coastal skipper's ticket, and designing and writing software for fisheries since 1985. He has been involved at all levels in discussions and design of the New Zealand quota management system (since 1976).

The name "Solution-Multipliers" comes form the concept that most real world problems have multiple solutions. These solutions can be broadly categorised into 2 classes:

Problem Multipliers
which create more problems than they solve;
Solution Multipliers
which solve more problems than they create.

In all our work we are aware that there are many possible ways of doing things, each with costs and benefits (all actions have consequences - even inaction).
Often there is no clearly "best option".
Sometimes it takes careful and critical thought to identify longer term outcomes of choices, and their costs and benefits.
This identification process is usually best done by a group of people, not necessarily in committee, often more effectively done by peer review or publication of proposals.

Small Business Cash-book


  • Balance multiple cheque books.
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • GST Reports.
  • End of year summaries for your accountant.
Cost: $80 +GST ($90)

Requires windows (98 or higher - reccommend XP, or Windows7).

Click here for Full Featured Cashbook V4.23 as self installing File 24,039 KB.

To order or inquire about Kiwi-Cashbook System click here ted@fishnet.co.nz.

Simple Payroll

DOS only - Features:

  • Wages or salary.
  • Reconciliation.
  • Paysheets.
  • End of period summaries.

Download latest tax table - effective 1 April 2009.

Click here Tax Rate Table 526 bytes.

email: ted@fishnet.co.nz.

Contact Details:

All prices exclusive of G.S.T..

Ted Howard, Managing Director,
Solution-Multipliers NZ Ltd.
1 Maui St, Kaikoura, New Zealand
+64 274 424 281 Mobile,
email: Ted@fishnet.co.nz
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