What is freedom? (Not an easy question to answer.)

Some say it is the ability to act without constraint - but is it? (I think not.)

My dictionary gives many meanings - perhaps the closest being "immunity from the arbitrary exercise of authority". In considering freedom, I am conscious that all actions have consequences.

I am also conscious that I may choose to do anything that is physically possible that I am able to imagine.

Most times it is habit or the thought of the consequences, that constrain my behaviour to what it is.

We all have the freedom to do whatever we choose.

Whatever we do, will have consequences.

I guess the sense in which most people use freedom is that of keeping to a minimum the legal consequences of action. Keeping laws and regulations to the smallest amount necessary for a safe and prosperous society.

Freedom brings with it responsibility, yet at the same time it is possible to view responsibility as a freedom. Being responsible delivers freedom.

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